In Search of Arable Pastures

Hello everybody! I am back to my blog after a long long time … Oh My God! Its an year! pretty long time indeed.

Reason of this long term absence was, you know, my job. All these time was so hectic … I could not get a time to have a sigh. It seemed that my job had been a bigger burden than anything in my life. And those stressful site works! Everyday I had to climb up 7 to 12 floors without any elevator in 3 to 4 sites. At the later times I started being suffered from various illness – fever, breathing problem. These are the main reason for leaving the job.

Furthermore, I had to prepare for some examinations like IELTS and GRE since my lifelong interest is to have higher education and research works. It was completely impossible to delve into those with that job continued.

Therefore, I am overall happy to leave the job although I have a small pain to give away all the money I accumulated throughout these years – a curse of overseas training.

Anyway, I have planned for blogging everyday. I am expecting my friends to read these and to evaluate as well by making comments. It is actually a part of improving my writing and typing skills – much needed in the IELTS and GRE exam. Moreover, I am planning to write a Knol about AVR microcontroller programming. I want to make full utilization of my newly found leisure time. Please pray for me. I would be very much encouraged with your comments so please do comment in my posts.

So, I shall come back again soon … Bye


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