My TOEFL Experience

In TOEFL practice examinations, there is a common question. “Some people believe planning and hard work is all that you need to be succeeded. Others believe that good luck is more important than hard work. Which one do you believe?” To answer this question, I always spoke for planning and hard work. Apparently, that is the reason why luck betrayed with me and proved its existence and inevitability.

I have taken my TOEFL test in 9th Nov 2008 in Grameen Star Education Center, Dhaka. In the test day, there was no power supply for 3 hours. After the power failure at around 12:30PM, the test takers had to stay in the test center in an inhuman condition without any food, water, light or fresh air until 3:30PM. Even after restoring the power condition, the network administrators needed two more hours to configure the network and to make the computers prepared for the test. The test ultimately started again at around 5:30PM.

After the 12:30 power failure, only the computer that I was using remained on because it was using the same power line that the network-equipments were using. Therefore, I had to continue the tests overlooking the huge background noises made by the people who were not being able to take the test. I was struggling to concentrate on the reading passage and to take note in the listening section. I had to take notes only by using the light coming from the monitor. Even after these, I was continuing to wade through the difficulties. However, at around 2:30PM, this backup power also depleted. At that very moment, I was speaking the answer of speaking task 3.

After restoring the power condition and network difficulties, they told me to sit in another location. I began to take the test. But when the test started this time, the test software did not ask for any kind of microphone testing because I was already in the middle of the speaking test. After starting to speak for the test, it seemed to me that the voice is not being recorded. Because, this time, I was not being able to hear my own voice through the earpiece as it was happening in the previous workstation. I complained the matter to the administrator in the room; however, since he was busy with preparing other computers for the test, he turned a deaf ear to me. Therefore, I had to continue the test in that situation without being confirmed whether my speeches were being recorded or not.

That’s all about my bad luck in TOEFL test


3 thoughts on “My TOEFL Experience

  1. chayan, now let me tell you my story. i chose this worst center, too. on the test day (dec 1), we all waited for 4 hours but they couldn't start the test because their internet connection was broken. can you believe it!!! then they told us to contact ets individually to reschedule test date but there was no date until march. we all called ets & got the same reply: "we cannot reschedule the test if no test center have any available date". then after continuous "chilla chilli" they retook our exam after 7 days. i didn't face any problem on the test day but i heard some of friend's pc got restarted at the middle of the exam and some have to wait extra 2/3 hours for internet.

  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  3. its sounds funny… and i got fun by reading your expo. But its really bitter.hope non of us will pass this situation ever.

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