My TOEFL Result

My TOEFL result has been published. To my consternation, I’ve done quite well in speaking which I feared about not being recorded. On the other hand, I’ve got a poor score in writing. Only 18! I believe that the writing score is not representative to my capability. It is an effect of all the mental pressure, tension and tiredness.

My Result is as follows:
Reading = 25
Listening = 27
Speaking = 24
Writing = 18
Total = 94

Anyway, ETS has given me a chance to retake the test. The following is what they have said as a reply of my complaint.

Due to the nature of your complaint, we would like to provide you with a voucher to take the TOEFL test again free of charge.

Although they have offered the opportunity, yet I don’t have enough time to retake the test. Because, if I want to schedule a date now, I have to take it in middle of February (No test center is free before that). It will be too late for me. However, I liked their approach that they at least took an action to mitigate the effect of the incident.


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