I am Going to Retake TOEFL

After several correspondences with ETS it turned out that there is no point of not taking the test again. What I feared earlier is the fact that in case they cancel my current test scores then I would not be able to apply for my intended universities because it is much late for registering TOEFL now and most test centers are busy till the last of February.

However, ETS confirmed me that they will not cancel my November 9, 2008 TOEFL score. It will remain valid. Therefore, I expressed my interest for retaking the test. Consequently, ETS has sent an e-voucher (A number to register for TOEFL test without money) in my email address. I have just registered for TOEFL few moments ago. 🙂 This time, I am going to take the test in AAA (American Alumni Association) which is known as the best test center.


One thought on “I am Going to Retake TOEFL

  1. Hey: How did you register the complaint for the test? I faced a similar problem and not sure if the test was completed at all or not. I called ETS and they wont confirm and asked me to wait for the scores to be available. Can you please advice?Thanks.aynzoya@gmail.com

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