My GRE Result

At last, I have taken the test. I left my job for it … I went through grueling, monotonous hours of study time for the last four months. I showed ascetic refusal to the luring calls for “Adda” of my friends and here is the result. I am not fully satisfied with it. However, I need to remember the adverse situations I had to wade through – specifically the fact, that leaving job without getting a higher salary job (no matter what work you do) is still a social stigma in Bangladesh. People used to see others leaving study for job – not job for study.

Anyway, I’ve got 800 out of 800 in Quantitative Part and 450 out of 800 in Verbal Part. A total score of 1250. Score on Analytical Writing Ability (AWA) is yet to come.

Admittedly, I have not done very well in the verbal part. But this is somewhat “hard-to-earn” for a non-native English speaker in such a short period of time. Although it is true that some of my friends got 650 some even 800, yet, that requires a very long term preparation. Even native English speakers find this verbal part very hard to score.


One thought on “My GRE Result

  1. Hi Chayan..That’s also a very good result and don’t be upset. We, your friends are always beside you..Take care..and try for higher education……Hope for the best…// Partha

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