The Ending of Bachelor Life

Time, the old gypsy, who waits for none has gone a long way since I wrote my last post. It’s almost 6 months since then. Many changes happened throughout these days. I am in such a point of life that I must write something.

After taking TOEFL and GRE I was trying to get admitted in different US universities. But, the time of world recession and economic meltdown was trying to make it a very difficult job. For several reasons, I could not attend the TOEFL test for the second time. Moreover, the lack of any published paper and poor CGPA were making it very hard for me to get admitted into a university for higher education with funding.

At that time, I got a mind blowing email from Dr. Mohammed Yeasin, an Assistant Professor of the University of Memphis. I was working with some topics of his research interest from January. He told me in that email that he is agreed to take me as a masters student. He is also willing to arrange some funds for me. This email came as a splash of joy to me. I have got fund!

At the same time, my girlfriend Farah has also managed a fund in the Civil Engineering department of the same university. Now the splash of joy turned into a tsunami of pleasure. We decided to get married. We are going to get married in 9th August 2009.

Therefore, now I am spending the last part of my Bachelor life. Dear readers, please pray for a happy life for us.


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