A New Life …

I’ve noticed the date of my last post – 3rd Aug. Today is October 5th. 2 months and 2 days. Is it much in comparison to life? It is just like a spell. But what a significant spell it is!!!

Now I am married and I am in USA. Is this sentence really that easy as it looks like? Millions of words can be produced just to describe the moments of my marriage. But hey, that is a private matter … why should I write that in a public blog? Rather, let me describe some of my experiences in the Journey to USA. Is it looking like our school English Text (Going Abroad, English for Today)? May be.

Let me tell from the start of the journey. I can still figure out a clear picture of that. 17th Aug 2009, 4~5 AM Bangladesh time. I’ve just finished all the final formalities for me and my wife’s departure. We all were sitting in the waiting room. Me, my parents, my elder brother, my wife Chaity and her mother. Nobody was talking. But that silence was much more than thousands of words. Eyes of my mother were giving a clear indication of her extreme sadness. That expression reached in its zenith when we were getting behind the wall when riding to the upper floor by elevator. I could not see that expression – but I can easily visualize.

Our route was Dhaka to Abu dhabi to New York to Memphis. Carrier was Etihad Airways. We heard a lot good about Emirates but could not manage a good flight with low transit time and fare. That’s why we selected Etihad. The transit time was significantly less than Emirates. The total journey took 27 hours where the minimum journey time in Emirates is 34. Anyway, the best thing I can remember in Dhaka to Abu Dhabi flight is the yogurt served. It was a Bangladeshi yogurt. But I never had anything like that before. See some pictures of our journey here

Our air journey was nice with no major problem. Immigration in JFK took a few minutes and they did not even ask any question. What I needed to do is just to show the I20 and passport. The adventure started from the Memphis airport.

… will be continued in next post …


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