My letter to a philanthropist

Which one do you think is better? To buy a fish to a hungry person? Or to make him know how to catch a fish? I believe in the second one. I believe unconditioned charity makes people lazy, greedy and inactive. On the other hand, people need some opportunity to flourish. The money granted as a micro-credit is not for living a half-fed month. Rather, this is an opportunity to flourish and grow and to put yourself in a position where you’ll not go unfed anymore in your lifetime.

Just imagine the money you’ve spent in your village. What will happen if few people just use it to live their lazy life? It will not only be considered as a very small amount of money but also it will be contributed to STOP the natural activity that were supposed to come from those people if they would not get the money. However, if this would be used to start a little capital needed to start a small business, chances are there that one day the business would grow and grow and ignite the activity of more and more people and pull more people out of poverty.

I believe people really don’t need the rice prepared for them. They have every potential to earn the rice — what they need is just to get acquainted that they have the potential. That is the job what Grameen Bank does. That is why I believe in Micro-credit. I am very proud that the person who gave this concept is from the same country that I am from.


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