321b43bMy name is Md. Iftekhar Tanveer and I am a PhD student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Rochester.

I am interested in developing intelligent interactive systems that can sense, analyze and respond to nonverbal behaviors of human in a specific interaction scenario (e.g. public speaking, job interview, negotiation etc.). There are two aspects in my research. One is to formulate mathematical models explaining human behavior in an interaction scenario. Another is to utilize these models to design and implement seemingly intelligent interfaces. Currently I am developing machine learning tools for modeling nonverbal behaviors of people (e.g. body movements, facial expressions and prosodic feature) while they are engaged in public speaking.

In broader terms, my research falls under the categories of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning). I work with Dr. M. Ehsan Hoque in ROCHCI to push the boundaries of science and to touch the lives of people.

What’s New

April 16th, 2015: My IUI paper (Rhema) is being featured in UoR news and other news: wxxinewsEngadget, Gizmag, Eurekalert! Awesome feelings in getting the first press coverage in life.
24th February, 2015:
I got the IUI Student Travel Grant award 2015
13th January, 2015:
Another paper is accepted in Face and Gesture (FG) Conference 2015
19th December, 2014:
Our paper is accepted in IUI 2015.
20th October, 2014: We submitted a paper in Face and Gesture (FG) 2015.
18th October, 2014: Submitted a paper in IUI 2015. I’m the first author in this paper.
25th July, 2014: My poster is accepted in ASSETS 2014

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We haven’t forgotten; we will not forget

As a citizen of Bangladesh, we will not forget the genocide, war-crime, and mass killing of intellectuals (Teachers, Students, Journalists, Doctors, Engineers, Cultural activists) conducted in Bangladesh by Pakistani Army in the name of the religion — Islam. Starting from Operation Searchlight (Conducted in 25th March, 1971 where they massacred the unarmed progressive minds of Dhaka University), Pakistani army killed 3 Million people in just 9 months — one of the greatest atrocities on human after the holocaust.

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