An Elevator Pitch

I’ve seen a nice video today defining elevator pitch. The summary and key points of the video is as follows.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short discussion or lecture that occurred in a very short amount of time like the discussions happened during climbing by an elevator.

Elements of Elevator Pitch

A good elevator speech is composed of two key components:

  • Layout the pain statement (What problem you are trying to solve)
  • You must show the value proposition (How does your venture solve that problem)
Is it Easy?

No! It needs to pass 4 tests.

  • Succinct (After all you’ll get no more than 2 minuets)
  • Easy to understand (Both your grandma and your grandkids have to get it)
  • GREED inducing
  • Irrefutable (if more questions than answer, go back to the drawing board)