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Oct 6th, 2017My thesis proposal got accepted 
Sep 26, 2017Got invited to Brain and Cognitive Science for presenting my work in NSF Research Traineeship Program (NRT)Slides
Aug 10, 2017I presented a pyTorch Tutorial in our labSlides
May 15, 2017I am going to work as an intern at the Comcast Applied AI Research Lab this summer 
July 24th, 2016I was invited for a presentation at RIT for One-Day REU SymposiumSlides
Sep 1st, 2016AutoManner code is releasedCode
GUI Code
Jan 15th, 2016IUI travel grant award approved 
Dec 7th, 2015Our paper got accepted in IUI 2016 
15th Sep, 2015I got the ACMMM travel grant award 2015 
4th July, 2015Our short paper in ACM Multimedia got accepted 
26th June, 2015One item in my bucket list is checked — I met Prof. Gilbert Strang!! 
16th April, 2015Our IUI paper (Rhema) is being featured in UoR news and other news: NY MagazinewxxinewsEngadget, Gizmag, Eurekalert, Entrepreneur, InnovationTrail.One item in my bucket list is checked — I met Prof. Gilbert Strang!!

24th February, 2015: I got the IUI Student Travel Grant award 2015

13th January, 2015:Another paper is accepted. This time in Face and Gesture (FG) Conference 2015

19th December, 2014: Our paper is accepted in IUI 2015.

20th October, 2014: We submitted a paper in Face and Gesture (FG) 2015.

18th October, 2014: Submitted a paper in IUI 2015. I’m the first author in this paper.