We haven’t forgotten; we will not forget

As a citizen of Bangladesh, we will not forget the genocide, war-crime, and mass killing of intellectuals (Teachers, Students, Journalists, Doctors, Engineers, Cultural activists) conducted in Bangladesh by Pakistani Army in the name of the religion — Islam. Starting from Operation Searchlight (Conducted in 25th March, 1971 where they massacred the unarmed progressive minds of Dhaka University), Pakistani army killed 3 Million people in just 9 months — one of the greatest atrocities on human after the holocaust.

For more information, visit Bangladesh Genocide Archive.

A documentary made from the descriptions of a few sample eyewitnesses among the millions scattered throughout the country

NBC news during liberation war of Bangladesh 1971

A nine and half minute presentation on the 9 months of struggle for independence of Bangladesh. The description of the video says: “… Pakistani army killed 3 million people in 9 month. A genocide that they never acknowledge or apologize for.  Trivia: It took Adolf Hitler 6 years to kill 6 million Jews during WW2″


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