Instill Pain Endurance?

Should I try to stay in a first world country or should I try to go back to Bangladesh? It is a really difficult question to answer. I’ve been thinking on this sporadically over the last 6 years. There are a lot of selfish reasons for staying in USA, a lot of noble reasons for going back to Bangladesh. But I wanted to find a few solid selfish reasons for going back to Bangladesh. I’ve just found one –> To Instill pain endurance; both for me and my family. Pain endurance is a source of happiness. But to endure pain, one has to suffer from the pain first.

How come pain and sufferings can be a cause of happiness? They are actually not the direct cause, but happiness hides behind the wall of pain and sufferings.


[While revisiting this post in Nov 15, 2017] I’ve realized that I assumed living in a first world country is less painful. It is not. Living alone years after years in a foreign country, far from patents, family, and friends, with occasional bouts of depression, it is extremely painful and teaches pain endurance much better than being in the comfort zone.