Definition of “Usually”

It is a pain to talk with people suffering from superiority complex. The hard work that is vital for acquiring knowledge often brings a delusion of grandeur to some people. They often think that only they can talk in perfect English. Everyone else’s English is just imprecise and bogus. Many of them also show a demeaning attitude. Whenever you’ll say something, they’ll try to point out how your sentence construction is syntactically wrong or mathematically imprecise. Once I met such a delusional person who had some kind of enmity with the word “usually”.

I must concede that I, sometimes, use this word a little too much. But that does not mean that “usually” is imprecise or unscientific. It is possible to put precise mathematical definition for this word. I am writing this definition here; so that, when next time someone would try to confront me with the imprecision of this word, I can gladly point to this article 🙂 :

Usually <some_event>  means the probability of the occurrence of that event is greater than the probability of not occurring that event. In mathematical notation, \text{Usually}(x): p(x)>p(\neg x). For example, “usually it rains here” means $$ p(E)>p(\neg E)$$, where E is the event of raining here.